For the past few years the Landy Stars Music has been rightfully enjoying one of the leading positions in the publishing and distributing of the ethnic and esoteric music in Russia. In pursuit of its musical policy our company endeavours to blend a democracy and a non-standard approach towards the products it manufactures. There will be no exaggeration in saying that we were one of the pioneers who started to release the musical product designated for the healing and spiritual practices.

Our series, such as Musical Therapy, Music of Life and Anti-Stress are well in demand and enjoy a positive feedback from our clients. Apart from their client by client individual orientation, the compact disks of these series may also be used by professional physicians, by SPA saloons and massage cabinets. Our catalogue also contains ethnic music of various forms and styles. The musicians whom we introduce to our audience may differ in style they perform and their popularity may not be of the same level. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that they have a talent and therefore, represent an interest. We have recently started to reach contracts with foreign firms. At present, we have contracted a few record-labels, such as New World Music, ARC-Music, Music Mosaic, MCD-World Music, Hermes Records, Tumi Music, Lusafrica, Lemongrass Music, Peace Lounge, Crystal Records and many others. The majority of these companies have an unrivalled reputation in their respective fields.

The Landy Stars Music takes a regular part in numerous international exhibitions that annually highlight all majour news of the industry of music and the sound-recording business. It is there that we make our future plans and whatever the adjustments that may be required with regard to our musical policy. In no way do we forget about new Russian performers whose original individuality is more than evident. There have been a few interesting Russian projects issued under our label that incorporate the musical forms that are clear enough, on the one hand, and on the other, are characteristic of the original performance. Concurrently, we have decided to extend the stylistic boundaries of the product that we record and release. To this effect, we have commenced to reach contracts with the companies that are particularly involved in electronic and dance music. Thus, our catalogue already contains compact disks of the musical forms that are not typical for the Landy Stars Music – Trance, Techno, House, Electro…..And the assortment of this form of music is bound to increase in future.

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