Music for treatment

A huge influence of music on people had been noticed since ancient times. Just as a well known tune from our childhood can make us laugh. When we are sad we try to find a sad or depressive music corresponded to our mood.

Relaxation music

Relaxation is the best way to relax; only relaxation music can influence correctly on the organism and contribute to the maximum relaxation of all the muscles. Sometimes not only a melody but also the sounds of the nature are capable to have a wholesome effect on mental and physical state of an organism, exhausted by stresses.

Meditation music

In the modern society full of stresses and continuous movement, sometimes we have no time to stop and to take a breath. Briskly, people in megalopolises learnt to relax quickly with profit to soul and body. Many people attend courses of “Young yogi”.

New age

New age is a style in music, which was widely distributed in the 70th years of the last century. The experts associate it with electronic music, where are presented sounds of the nature and jazz motifs (a special improvisation and bossa nova elements). New age music is very melodious in spite of well-defined rhythmicity.

Ethnic music

Ethnic music is one of the oldest styles in music. Other official name is- music of peoples of the world, indigenous music (from English World music). The term appeared in the 60th years of the last century, and the ethnic style was widely distributed in the 70th-80th years of the 20th century.



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